Bite-sized learning for all

We love sharing what we know about communication techniques.

The best way of doing that is face-to-face in a training room, interacting with course participants. But now and again we post handy tips here for anyone to see.

Enjoy a browse. There's plenty more on VOX Coaching's YouTube channel.

  1. Storytelling – it’s not just for bedtime

    You want an audience to grasp a particular concept, so you give them all the relevant information and analysis. But you can make more impact if you use a story or two as well.

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  2. What does authenticity look and sound like?

    When you give a presentation at a conference, an important meeting or a gathering of colleagues, how does the audience tell that you're authentic?

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  3. A handy guide to managing the jitters

    It's nerve-racking to speak in public - at a conference or committee meeting, for example. After all, you're under scrutiny. How can you get your anxiety under control?

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  4. Making a successful on-screen appearance

    How should you prepare for an appearance in a short video for YouTube or your organisation's website? And what do you do once the camera is trained on you?

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  5. Getting your body language in shape

    Communicating face to face is about body language as well as words and tone of voice. How can you get this language right?

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  6. Don’t go too fast or you’ll lose them

    When you're speaking at a meeting or conference, it's easy to talk too quickly for the listeners. How do you make sure you get the pace right?

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