What we stand for

These are the principles that guide VOX Coaching:

If you communicate better, you do better

People who communicate well are much more likely to succeed in their careers and to deliver for their employers. They have the confidence and skills required to make an impact and build truly productive working relationships. That’s why we believe in what we do.    

Fine communicators are made, not born

Everyone can raise their game. It takes enthusiasm for learning and a willingness to practise and rehearse, but it’s not rocket science and the journey should be fun. We help people make the transition from ‘OK’ to ‘outstanding’.     

It’s about being your best self

Excellent communicators speak honestly and as themselves. Most of us at VOX are actors, but we’re not in the business of teaching people how to play a role. We’re about helping them to communicate in their own style – but with more skill and a dash of inspiration. 

Deliver first-rate work consistently

We’re committed to providing high quality coaching that’s lastingly effective. What does that look like? It’s intelligent and imaginative; practical and relevant; insightful and engaging. It’s delivered with passion by experts and tailored to the needs of those in the training room. 

Good relationships are good business

It’s our belief that professional relationships should be based on honesty, friendliness and respect. This shapes the way VOX staff and associates treat client organisations, trainees and each other. It’s the right approach per se and it makes perfect business sense.

Work hard at making it easy

Our clients are busy, so we avoid soaking up their time and energy with complex administration. We keep things clear and straightforward. When it comes to organising a training event, nothing is left to chance. We do the heavy lifting so our clients don’t have to.


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