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These courses, which usually last one day, are for business leaders, managers and teams. We always adapt our training to clients' needs. VOX offers plenty of other courses that are equally good for business and we also design bespoke ones to suit special circumstances.    

  • Stand and Deliver: Making Effective Presentations

    Giving a presentation can be tough. As well as the challenge of managing nerves, there’s the need to connect immediately with the audience, hold their interest and convey a message with clarity and impact. This course turns competent presenters into outstanding ones.

  • Authority, Influence and Leadership

    ‘Communication is the real work of leadership.’ So says the Dean of Harvard Business School. This course sharpens the communication skills that people in (or aspiring to) senior positions need if they are to speak and interact in ways that colleagues and clients find compelling.

  • Building Great Teams

    The best business outcomes tend to arise from the collective efforts of individuals who relate exceptionally well to one another. This course equips people with communication skills that promote positive team dynamics, improve cohesion and boost motivation.

  • Managing Change

    Change is ever-present in business, and it brings its own pressures and challenges. This course explores techniques for communicating a new vision convincingly and handling the difficult meetings and conversations that come with the implementation of change.  

  • Confidence with Customers

    Every interaction with customers has an impact on company reputation. This course helps to ensure that those interactions are constructive. It enables customer-facing staff to respond in an appropriate style – even when the customer is awkward and the pressure is on.

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Alastair Singleton, founding partner at Hanover Fox International, talks about VOX.

Professional, intelligent and practical. I’d recommend VOX training to anyone.
Nick Parsons
Business Development Director, Bravura Solutions

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