VOX tips

Getting your body language in shape

Face-to-face communication is not just about what we say and the tone we use; it’s also about our non-verbal behaviour, or body language. 

Five points to bear in mind (or body):

  • Stay grounded
    Stand lightly with your weight evenly distributed, mostly through the balls of your feet rather than your heels.
  • Feel suspended
    Imagine there’s a string between the ceiling and the top of your head, gently keeping your neck and back aligned.
  • Unlock your hands
    Gesture naturally to convey the structure of your thoughts or to back up the feelings behind them. Stiffly repeated gestures are the only sort that might unsettle listeners.    
  • Relax your face
    Allow ideas and emotions to animate your face naturally.
  • Get engaged
    Turn your focus away from yourself and make a real connection with whoever you’re talking to.