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What does authenticity look and sound like?

Principal characteristics

You’re giving a presentation at a conference, an important meeting or a gathering of colleagues. How does your authenticity communicate itself to the audience?

It’s there in your:

  • Sincerity – you mean what you say
  • Directness – you say what you mean
  • Clarity – you avoid weasel words
  • Spontaneity – you’re ‘in the moment’ and don’t just trot out stock phrases
  • Passion – you speak from the heart as well as the head
  • Confidence – you’re comfortable and grounded
  • Engagement – you genuinely want to connect with the people in the room
  • Use of personal stories – you’re open and not afraid of personal disclosure 

The chances of being heard and taken seriously are far greater if you’re perceived as authentic than if people think you’re putting on an act or trying to impress. This applies whether you’re addressing a big audience or having a discussion with a couple of colleagues.